Each year, law students serve on the SBA’s Committees as chairs or members.  If you’re interested in getting involved with a committee or partnering with a committee for an event, please reach out to the chair listed below.  For more detail on SBA Committees, download the full committee descriptions.


Academics & Faculty Relations

Committee Co-Chairs: Siarra Rogers and Jacqueline Malzone

The Academics & Faculty Relations Committee serves as a liaison between the student body and faculty, informs professors of student interests and concerns, facilitates interaction between student and faculty with social events and other programming and addresses the academic and curricular concerns of the student body.

Building Services & Environmental Concerns

Committee Chair: Ashley Finger

The Building Services & Grounds Committee addresses issues of concern of the student body as they pertain to the law school’s facilities & grounds.The Committee is charged with recommending changes related to, and commenting on the utilization of, spaces within the law school

Diversity Advisory Council

Committee Co-Chairs: Aparna DattaJeri Brown, and Muskan Mumtaz

The Diversity Advisory Council works to foster an environment of awareness and tolerance in support of inclusion of minorities and the promotion of a diverse and multicultural law school community and to address the diversity issues and concern of the student body.

Health and Wellness

Committee Chair: Tom Malone

The Health and Wellness Committee is responsible for coordinating events and initiatives that promote healthy living at the law school.


Committee Co-Chairs: Hilary Turner and MacLane Taggart

The SBA Finance committee is responsible for the fundraising and business sides of the Student Bar Association. They routinely seek sponsorship from other student organizations and design merchandise to raise alternative funds for SBA.

First Year Council

Committee Chair: Frances Fuqua

The First Year Council works to address problems of particular concern to the first-year class, such as orientation and academic matters, social events and other projects, as it sees fit or as the SBA directs. FYC also coordinates school-wide programming to increase student awareness and participation in major social events.


Committee Co-Chairs: Charles Baker, Alyssa Gaudio, and Mary Seraj

The Programming Committee works to plan, organize, and produce engaging and fun social programming for the student body with due concern to non-drinkers, to support and foster UVA Law’s unique culture of collegiality, and to coordinate school-wide programming to increase student awareness and participation in major social events.

Barristers’ Ball (Subcommittee)

Subcommittee Chairs: Michelle Chang

An independent Barristers’ Ball subcommittee is tasked with planning the Barristers’ Ball event.

Graduation (Subcommittee)

Subcommittee Chair: Laura Gregory and Connor Kelley

An independent Graduation subcommittee produces events and other programming for the graduating class.