A.J. Collins – SBA President – Email A.J.

A.J. is from Rappahannock County, Virginia and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He serves as the President of the Student Bar Association. As SBA President, A.J. is responsible for leading SBA meetings and the SBA Executive Board, serving as a spokesperson for student opinion to the administration, serving as the leader of the 3L class, heading new SBA initiatives, and working with other schools at the university. Outside of SBA, A.J. serves as the Managing Editor of the Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law, as a Head Writer for the Libel Show, as Vice President for Finance for Student Legal Forum, as a member of the Student Council Appropriations Committee and as a Law Ambassador.




Sami Al-Marzoog – SBA Vice President – Email Sami

Sami is from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He serves as the Vice President of the Student Bar Association. As SBA Vice President, Sami is responsible for managing all of the SBA’s committees such as Programming, Barristers’ Ball, Academics and Faculty Relations, and many others. Another major responsibility is coordinating elections for all the SBA positions. Sami is also chair of the Graduation committee, which oversees selection of the graduation speaker and the class gift campaign. Finally, Sami assists student organizations with renewing their registration with the SBA and accomplishing their organizational goals. Outside of SBA, Sami serves as the President of the Extramural Moot Court Team, is on the Managing Board of Virginia Law and Business Review, and is President of Barristers United (Law School Soccer Team).


IMG_3737William McManus – Treasurer – Email William

The Treasurer prepares the SBA’s annual budget, which is presented to the SBA’s Voting Members for approval each year. He or she also maintains and updates the SBA’s financial records, disburses fund as authorized by the SBA, and gives the Executive Board monthly updates on the budget.








fullsizerender-3Laura Gregory – Secretary – Email Laura

Laura is from Nashville, Tennessee and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. She serves as the Secretary of the Student Bar Association. As SBA Secretary, Laura is responsible for publicizing SBA-related events and programs, taking attendance and recording the minutes of SBA meetings. Laura also administers the SBA’s weekly Events Email and coordinates the bi-monthly “Say Hey, SBA” table. Outside of SBA, Laura serves on the Assistant Managing Board of the Journal of Law & Politics, is a Peer Advisor, and volunteers with the Volunteer Income Tax Association.