Want to make the law school a better place?  The SBA wants you.  There are multiple ways to get involved in the SBA – running for an elected position on the SBA Governing Board, applying to be appointed to an SBA Committee Chair position, or joining a Committee.

Note: for information on running for a University-wide position, please click here.


Join the SBA Governing Board by running for an elected position

As in years past, the SBA will hold elections in conjunction with the University wide spring elections. Both will be administered by the University Board of Elections (UBE). A full list of the elected positions and the names of the students currently holding those positions are available here. Please note that the Treasurer is not elected through this process. If you are interested in that position, please reach out to SBA Vice President Katie Webb at kfw3br@virginia.edu directly for additional information. If you are interested in running for a position, several important dates occur within the first weeks of the semester. A copy of the UBE Calendar and several other informational documents are available at this link.

If you are running for a position, you must attend a candidate information session or review the materials yourself and complete an online quiz by Wednesday, January 27. You must then collect the applicable number of signatures for your position and turn them in by Friday, February 12, at which point campaigning may begin. The quiz will be available in mid-January. Voting will begin on Friday, February 19 and run through Thursday, February 25.

To aid students both in preparing to run for positions and in understanding what specific positions entail, the Student Bar Association will be hosting a Question and Answer session on Monday, January 25. You will be receiving emails with more details about the election process from UBE and SBA in January, but please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us before then with questions you may have.

Please note that 1L, Transfer, and LLM Senators are selected in September. 1Ls are internally elected by the First Year Council, which is made up of two elected representatives from each section. Transfer and LLM Senators are also internally elected by those respective groups.

Please see the SBA Constitution and Bylaws for more information.


Become an SBA Committee Chair

Once the elected positions are filled, the process of appointing Committee chairs begins.  The appointment process begins in late March or early April.  Please watch for information about this process via email. In the meantime, check out our Committees page to take a closer look at what opportunities will be available.

Committees will seek members in the fall. Please watch for information about committee membership via email as well.


Join an SBA Committee

Committees are currently seeking members for the 2015-2016 academic year. Please check out our Committees (link) page to learn more about available opportunities and fill out our interest form here to express interest.