Want to submit an event to the Events Calendar and Events Email? Be sure to read the following guidelines, and then submit using the form below.

1. What events qualify? Events Emails are only for events open to the Law School community and sponsored by University and/or Law School organizations. Parties and purely social events not held at the Law School will not be included in the Events Email, unless they are sponsored by the SBA. An event that would be disqualified from the SBA’s Events Emails under this policy may be included in an email if the event’s host can demonstrate that the event appeals to the academic, professional, or community development interests of the greater Law School community. At its discretion, the SBA may include or exclude an event or announcement from an email for any reason at any time.

2. Use the form here. Submit your events via the link above. Events emailed directly to the secretary will not be included in the events email. Please don’t submit attachments, as there isn’t room for documents in the Events Email. Feel free to include links, but be sure they work before sending! Please note that the SBA reserves the right to edit the format and wording of all announcements.

3. Submit before the deadline. Events Emails go out every Monday and Wednesday when classes are in session. The deadline for the Monday email is 5:00pm on Sunday, and the deadline for the Wednesday email is 5:00pm on Tuesday. To avoid cluttering the inboxes of law students, the SBA will not accept updates after those times. Addendums. Out of courtesy to the student population, addendums will only be sent out in the event that there is a mistake made by the SBA OR in the event that extreme circumstances (for example – snow storms, hurricanes, etc.) warrant sending an addendum.

First time submitting? Announcements being published for the first time will appear under the “New Law School Events” category of either the SBA, Law School, or University Events sections, according to the nature of the announcement. After initial publication, the announcement will be moved to the “Already Announced” Law School Events Section.