Your Law SchoolWe believe that Virginia Law is the great place it is because students are willing to take action to make this school great. The SBA is working all year to put together the events and programming that enrich the Virginia Law community. If you have an idea that you think would make the school a better place, we want to help you realize it.

Please peruse our recent initiatives page to learn about initiatives that are already in the works.


Got an idea?

Got an idea for providing better support for 1Ls? For making classrooms more laptop friendly? For improving the student experience at the Law School? The SBA wants to help you get it off the ground. Take a look at these individuals who are working to improve the Law School. If you have an idea, reach out to the chair of the Committee under which your idea is most likely to fall.


Lauren McFadden

Former 2L Lauren McFadden spotted a need during her second year at the Law School. As an undergraduate, the University of Georgia had appointed her a faculty advisor, who helped her plan her curriculum, choose which subjects to focus on and give her advice on skills she should try to develop given what she thought she might want to do for a career. Lauren recognized that there was an opportunity to improve the experience of law students by making this kind of academic advising available to them, just as it is available to many college students. After getting the advice of Vice Dean Geis on the idea, she’s drafting a proposal to submit to the Law School administration that will explain the need for academic advising and outline possible structures a program could take.


Stew Inman

Former Third-year student Stew Inman loves his Sidley Austin cafe and Greenberry’s. But he loves the people who work there even more. Last December, Stew recognized the fact that a good bit of what makes Scott Commons enjoyable is the enthusiasm and dedication with which the ScoCo staff supports the law school community – with food, drink, and of course, serious amounts of caffeine. Wanting to show these great people how much the community appreciates their support, Stew organized an effort to give each of the seven ScoCo staff a gift card for the holiday season. He began a fundraising effort with the class of 2014, and within a week had the funds needed to make his idea happen. Thank you Stew for working to make the law school the great community that it is.


Brian Park

Former Third-year student Brian Park was walking through the entry corridor into the Morris Law library, when it dawned on him: “Why is entering the library so depressing?” When he realized his emotions couldn’t be attributable to the fantastic library staff, the décor on the first and second floors, or his general attitude towards life, it dawned on him. “This entry-way is plain and sad, and making it inviting and aesthetically pleasing would do a lot to improve the well-being of students, faculty and staff who walk through these doors every day.” Brian approached the head librarian about the idea of sprucing up this entry way. Early the following semester, the law school installed an exhibit that highlights the history of the school and provides a pleasant walk-in experience for all who enter and leave the library.